VHS Story


A street fighting simulator with a 16 bit esthetic


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VHS Story is a strategy and management game set in the eighties. You control a street fighter whose goal is to become the best fighter in the city.

You can use your character's free time however you'd like. When he's not fighting, the hero of VHS Story can be found in the garage of his house, taking a nap, eating different kinds of foods, going shopping, or even working at part-time jobs in order to earn a little money.

As you train your character, you can improve his skills: blocks, dives, kicks, punches, etc. The better your level in each category, the better you will do when it comes time to fight.

During the combats, you don't control your boxer directly. Instead, you will have to give him orders depending on the fighting style. You can choose to punch more than kick, block more, etc. Depending on your strategy, you will either win or lose.

VHS Story is a simple, fun management game that has an excellent setting and great graphics. The game will delight all fans of the 16 bit esthetic.
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